A note from the Director

It’s hard to believe it is already November.   This year the fall colors have been spectacular with lots of sunny days which helped a great deal towards enjoying some outside activities during this “eventful” year.   I hope everyone one is well and looking forward to returning to the senior center when we are finally fully open.   The Council on Aging continues to provide services with limited use of the building.   

On Wednesdays and Fridays you can hear the sound of synchronized “tap” “tap” “tap” of Carolyn Calandro’s tappers dancing outside on their plywood boards that they constructed for outside use.   

On Thursdays, Eunice Agar and two of her art students have been noted sitting out on the    picnic tables painting scenes of   fall colors and the nearby Housatonic River. 

Daily meal pickup continues outside the back kitchen door and has now become” the meeting “place.   Familiar faces greet each other while checking out all the donated Big Y baked goods that are displayed outside in our picnic area.   

David Rutein’s News and Views discussion group met for the summer in the picnic area under the oak trees to discuss current and historical events.   The foot nurse began her services over the summer and continues to offer her clinic monthly.  We continue to be open by appointment only until we can open safely. 

We miss the seasonal parties, exercise classes and other social events, but I know at some point we will return to a full schedule and I will have so many ideas by then for some really fun times.   

Please be safe and don’t hesitate to call, we are here Monday through Friday.